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'Mom Life' Sticker Pack

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The 'Mom Life' Sticker Pack

Being a mom comes with so many ups and downs. I wanted to create little memories of some of the things we love about motherhood, mixed with some of those 'real' moments: that newborn smell, baby snuggles, postpartum underwear, mom buns, you name it! I hope these help you feel important, seen, excited, and refreshed while downing that water in the middle of the night, or in the middle of your busy errand-filled day! 


  • 9 stickers related to motherhood (not feeding related)

Tell me more:

  • Stickers are 1-4" die cut vinyl
  • They are thick, durable vinyl, which protects them from scratching, water, sun

Pairs perfectly with our "MOM JUICE" water bottles, too! 

Designed by Kelsey Davis, specifically for Karing for Postpartum LLC.

*Note: the fourth photo shows our 'mom juice' water bottles with a combination of the 'mom life' sticker pack (this pack) and the 'breastfeeding mama' sticker pack as well.