I’m a mom/baby nurse of over 8 years and a certified lactation counselor! I created a safe space surrounding all things motherhood through my business: Karing for Postpartum LLC. Now, I wanted to bring a bit of fun, lighthearted goods that mamas deserve— reminding you of why we do what we do, and how amazing we really are!!

Why merch?!

We spend so much time prepping for baby, organizing their space, making sure we will be able to meet their needs- but what about us? The mother. It all starts with you. I wanted to create a line of items that you can wear + use proudly- reminding you that- you're not just a regular mom, you're a cool mom. I wanted mamas to feel empowered + excited about motherhood, even during those late, sleepless nights or busy errand filled days! I hope these goodies are the perfect ode to motherhood and would LOVE to see you using/wearing them!

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